Petition to Save The Flower Lady

A petition has been initiated to help save Elaine Partleton’s florist shop, The Flower Lady. Despite its existence next to Herne Hill station for over 10 years, landlord Network Rail wants it to make way for an electricity sub-station to power the arches that it has refurbished at the “Station Square” end of Railton Road. According to the Brixton Blog, Elaine was “offered a shop some distance from the station and at a rent forecast to be double what she pays currently.”

“Elaine started selling flowers outside the Half Moon pub 11 years ago before its owners, the Dulwich estate told her to stop. She was invited to move into the disused woodyard that is now Off The Cuff. From there she moved to sites both inside and outside the station with both assistance and obstruction from Lambeth council and others.”

The petition notes:

“Network Rail need a substation because they made mistakes in the refurbishment of the shops at the top end of Railton Road and our Flower Lady has to suffer! We have made many suggestions of alternative locations which if the existing substation next door to The Flower Lady is anything to go by are perfectly suitable but we are being met with opposition.”

It goes on to note that “our Flower Lady is a much loved and essential local asset which depends on the location for much of its revenue and ease of community involvement!” 

We urge you to sign the petition: