Patient Group in your GP practice

Have you ever thought about:

The difference you can make at your GP practice? 

The difference you can make to your own health?

 Now, each GP practice has a contractual obligation to establish a Patient Participation Group (PPG) in their practice. 

 Why have a PPG?

 A PPG is a group formed by patients in the same GP practice.  At a very basic level, a PPG can:

 1.      Provide patients’ perspectives on how to improve services

2.      Help to improve communication and working relationship between practice and patients.

 But...another important role that PPG can play is Prevention.

 We have all heard of the cuts to both health and social care services.  GP practices are now required to provide more than just treatment to their patients, they need to provide “proactive” care.  What is that?

 It means Prevention, GP have to:

 1.   Identify patients with long term and complex health conditions and to provide tailored support and care to them.

2.   Provide information to help patient to stay healthy longer or to prevent them from developing critical conditions, for example how to recognise symptoms; refer patients to non-clinical support service, healthy eating talks etc...

With the little consultation time that GPs can spend with their patients, PPGs can be a very effective partner in this area of work.

As a Network of PPGs, we would like to raise people’s general awareness of PPGs and to encourage them to take an interest in them.  We believe this involvement will not only benefit other patients but will also help You to take better care of yourself. 

We would like the opportunity to come and talk to you about our work and about PPG.

We are all responsible for our own health.




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