Old Postcards etc - Herne Hill History

I lived in Herne Hill (Dulwich Road) for a number of years before moving home to Ireland. While I lived there I was fascinated by the local history and amassed a number of old items related to the area. I am moving house again and would like these to go to a new home and wondered if anyone might be interested in acquiring them. I have the following:

1. 20 original postcards, some very rare!
2. 15 reproduction postcards
3. A leaflet on Norman House (9 Dulwich Road)
4. A booklet "A Glance at the History of Herne Hill"
5. Ordinance Survey Maps "The Godfrey Edition - Brixton & Herne Hill" - 1 x 1870, 2 x 1894, 1 x 1913 (not originals)
6. Theatre booklet for the Grand Cinema in Herne Hill
7. 1 old train ticket Herne Hill to Victora (1964)
8. 1 old train ticket for passenger and dog (c 1960 I think(
9. 1 old luggage label for the train that say "Herne Hill"

My email is cumminsg@hotmail.com if anyone interested. I can also send photos if you would like them.

Kind regards


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