Noye's Fludde is Music Festival Finale today (Sun. 19th) 6pm!

Benjamin Britten and original production, 1958

Nearly Festival finale! That's Benjamin Britten's Noye's Fludde at 6pm today - the Herne Hill Music Festival's community opera! And appropriate too for an area affected by flooding for so long! Noyes' Fludde means Noah's Flood. The project took a long time for the Festival team to get going - hard work fundraising, then more fundraising, then organising and rehearsing. Then costumes and props! Based on a 13thC Mystery Play, Britten wrote it to be performed in a church hall by amateur performers, particularly children, so local schools (JAGS and Rosendale) as well as local musicians are involved.

John Holland helped put it all together and in the videoclip below provides an 11th hour status report and encourages everyone in Herne Hill to come out to witness this community spectacular at St Faith's later today!