NLP, Psych-K, Life Coaching

Hi Herne Hill folk!

As we're all stuck indoors away from everybody for the foreseeable future, now's a good time to address what's really important to us and to diminish old, negative, toxic feelings, memories, habits and beliefs.

Give me a call or videocall using WhatsApp videocall; or email me via the Contacts page of my website,

Let's redress the balance, feel you're living authentically, honour your talents (be that writing, painting, promoting, organising, calculating, designing, sorting, carpentry, fixing, music...) and get rid of troubling thoughts and unhealthy habits and fears.

Psych-K with NLP has benefitted my clients who, for instance, used to be scared of heights, were frightened of swimming pools and the sea.  Life Coaching has turned people around from not knowing which way to go in their life, to knowing exactly what they want and taking action to make things happen.  NLP is good for... anything!  Confidence, inner motivation, turning wishful thinking into actually happening one step at a time, dissolving sadness/anger/fear/guilt, feeling worthy.

Tell me what you'd like to change in your life, and let's sort it all out together, swiftly and with ease.


with love and light,


Kathy Yvanovich, The Mind Body and Soul Coach