Newly Revised Brockwell Lido Pool Repair Schedule, Nov 29th

Poolworks at Brockwell Lido will be extended. It is now expected that the repairs to the Lido pool will continue through most of December with water refilling projected to happen on 27th December. The revised schedule is posted at the Lido.

 Timetable is approx as follows with some time allowances for inclement weather:

• Grit-blasting the remaining pool floor should last through Dec 1st

• Jet wash and dry through Dec 3rd

• Coating system application (excluding new concrete) through Dec 12th

• Prepare and paint concrete areas after cure through Dec 21st

• Paint cure period through Dec 26th

With some luck, refilling happens on the 27th and not too long after, a winter swim!

Pictured below: poolworks view from the Lido Cafe last (sunny) Sunday