New CPZ in Herne Hill brings chaos to local residents



Kestrel Avenue - Thursday afternoon.



Shardroft Road - Thursday afternoon.



Gubyon Avenue - Thursday afternoon



Gubyon Avenue - Thursday afternoon


Thanks to Lambeth Council, a bad parking situation in Herne Hill is turning into a nightmare, for two streets in particular – Gubyon Avenue and Fawnbrake Avenue.  


Lambeth have introduced a street by street Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), which means Gubyon and Fawnbrake are excluded from the zone, whereas neighbouring streets, Kestrel Avenue and Shardcroft Avenue are included. This is supposed to have gone live on October 2nd, but the parking meters haven’t arrived, so residents don’t know whether it is live or not. But what is clear is the chaos that is already happening.


Parking in Gubyon was always bad as it is close to Herne Hill station. Now it is impossible.  The street is full all the time – with what residents believe are cars from neighbouring streets whose owners don’t want to buy a CPZ permit to park in their own street – not very neighbourly! The situation is not much better in Fawnbrake, whereas the streets that are now part of the CPZ, such as Kestrel and Shardcroft are virtually empty. Gubyon and Fawnbrake residents are frightened to use their cars because they know they will not be able to park when they return. 


Despite pleas from angry and upset residents, Lambeth Council is not planning to sort this parking nightmare any time soon. 


As a result, residents have launched a petition calling for the CPZ mess to be sorted sooner rather than later.  Everyone who is affected by this is encouraged to sign this at


Join in the discussion on-line here


Written by a Gubyon Avenue resident.