New Consultation Period on Dulwich Estate's planning application to build on the Judith Kerr Primary School Playing Field

Happy Summer Everyone!

Thanks to the Southwark Cleaner Greener Safer grant and brilliant volunteers (and a LOT of cable ties) we installed a total 468 more mats  (1m by 1.5m) The fences have been moved back so the children have a safer surface at the back (approximately 427 m2 ) PLUS an additional 275m2 of the space to the left hand side which is usable for play and sport.  This is part of our continuing care for the space alongside the thriving veg patch.  The wet summer is helping the grass grow too…


School may be out but the Southwark Planning Team are still having to work.

Dulwich Estate have submitted an amended planning statement to their application to build Almshouses on the playing field following their unsuccessful Judicial Review of the Change of Use decision (“An updated planning statement has been prepared following both a change in the planning context and a ruling by the Supreme Court on the 10th May 2017”).  There are some inaccuracies in the revised statement, not least a claim that the space isn’t used by the school.

Remember, the school or CBT (the Trust) cannot oppose this planning application.

The amended planning statement has triggered a new consultation period – those of you who submitted previous comments will have received notification of this from Southwark directly.  Your previous comments stand but you have the opportunity to respond to the revised planning statement.

The revised statement is here on the planning portal which is also the place to comment. (If you 're-order' by date it's the third document from the bottom)
Some suggestions: you could explain how the school community is caring for the space, you could share how much children need and use the space, the children end their school day on the space and prising them away from it can be a challenge…! 

You could choose to talk about the events that have been enjoyed this year, St Martins, the Christmas Fair, the Free Film Screening, the Summer Fair… you could talk about how the provision of 6 additional flats doesn’t do much to alleviate Southwark’s elderly care crisis.

You could also let Southwark know that you appreciate their support for the school and the school community and how our children are thriving, growing and succeeding. You could also reiterate your previous comments about planning policy.
The consultation opens on 6th August and closes on the 19th August. You can access the portal from your poolside lounger, windswept British beach, on top of your mountain...