Music festival line-up for youth performance

JOM, the local organisation for youth music, is hosting it’s ninth online session this weekend with a fabulous line-up of regular and new performers. The average age is thirteen and most artists are self-taught.

“It’s an incredible mix of diffent types of musicians and an ecclectic array of songs,” says organiser Andy Gray. “We have a bit of punk, folk, rock, K-pop and even a bit of Stephen Sondheim! There’s still space for other young artists to join though –they can either pre-book with me or join in at the end when we open up to requests from any young person watching wishing to perform.”

Those taking part also automatically enter two free prize draws. The first is to have your own album cover professionally designed (worth £1000) and the second is free voice coaching from a top London singer who has performed with Jamiroquai. Both prizes are gifts from the local community keen to support youth music during the Covid restrictions.

JOM has also recently received a £500 portable PA system with quality vocal mics and mixing effects – which was purchased by a grant from the Herne Hill Forum’s Good Causes Fund.

“The equipment will be lent to newer performers on a monthly basis for them try out in their own homes.” says Andy. “This is really important next-step for nuturing youth talent. Mostly, obviously, because they’ll sound even better but also because it helps us authenticate them. We are immensley grateful to the Forum for the grant.”

JOM Youth Open Mic Special will be on at 7pm Saturday 5th December. To watch or take part you need to download the Instagram App.