Meet the people behind the collection of photographs in the station underpass

The photographs in the tunnel celebrate the diverse, independent, local businesses that make Herne Hill such a special place.  

Every trader shown in the display (also compiled digitally here) was flooded in the devastating Thames Water pipe burst of 2013, which forced countless shops, restaurants and businesses to close their doors for many months.  

Some businesses, sadly did not survive the flood.  But many did, and have come back stronger and more united than ever before.  After two years of hard work, energy and dedication, they have re-opened their doors, and we are delighted to celebrate the people behind these businesses who make Herne Hill a uniquely independent community, where small businesses thrive.  

The concept, design and artwork for this display was created by Mike Handly and the team at (one of the many businesses that flooded in 2013) in conjunction with the Herne Hill Forum.  All photography was undertaken by local photographer, Tricia Keracher-Summerfield of Portrayed Photography.