London Contemporary Music Festival in Peckham Garage thru August 4th

The SLG (@SLG_artupdates) does well, but currently the best local cutting edge soundspace has to be @LCMFPeckham in collaboration with @BoldTendencies & @frankspeckham in the confines of Peckham's Multi Storey Car Park! Now beginning Week 2. What's on? See Something daily, from immersive opera (sit to eat & all around drama emerges), eclectic world premiere stagings (try a 20 min sung monologue based on a Strindberg short play!) to Music for Loudspeakers, celebrating the ultimate harbinger of the dislocation and re-embodiment of sound which swept through 20th century music and recalls 60s Steve Reich. In case you missed it, Glenn Branca was on the other night, clattering his edgy guitar leanings (NYC scene collaborator with likes of Sonic Youth) around the garage. Check out this posted phone video of Glenn: