Local illustrator, Gaby Harrison, is celebrating small businesses in the area by capturing them in ink and watercolour.

Keen to honour the many independent shops, restaurants and cultural hotspots in her neighborhood, many of which were forced to close during Covid-19 lockdown, Gaby launched a series of local business paintings on social media. As these businesses begin to open their doors once more, the series aims to encourage residents to refocus their consumer habits around small and local enterprises.

Gaby says: “Before lockdown, my area of south London was a hub of incredible independent businesses, all knocking socks off left right and centre with their creativity and quality. Many of us assumed that these things alone would ensure the stability and longevity of those businesses but it’s now obvious that we all have a responsibility to protect, support and most of all CELEBRATE our local independents, because they will always be vulnerable to external factors. I'm aiming to do just that by sharing a painting, every week, of a venue in Brixton and Herne Hill that has been sorely missed over the last few months."The Ritzy

Gaby discovered her artistic vocation in 2014. She says: "I first picked up a sketchbook on holiday and was immediately captivated by the power of putting pen to paper. It's a pursuit that allows me to preserve moments and spaces that are special to me. But more than that; the pictures I make are themselves special: one-offs, alive with the moment of their making."

Alongside her local business series, Gaby runs draw the line, her own small enterpise selling bespoke portraits of homes, pets, and soft toys. Working from photographs and client specifications, she crafts completely unique pieces of art which can be ordered through her website or on Instagram.


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