Local film team helping to tackle US Healthcare Crisis!

A new important documentary is being made on the a critical universal issue that affects us all - Healthcare. And it's being made by a local team based in and around the Herne Hill area!

Real-life storyline: Stan Brock, a British-born Amazonian cowboy, sells all his possessions and takes a vow of poverty to create the charity Remote Area Medical in the US. He puts it together for the Third World but in an ironic twist it now chiefly serves the US, from coast to coast. It is an organisation run solely by volunteers and patients are seen completely free of charge. For many, it is all there is.

Stan devotes his life tirelessly to bringing accessible free health services to those in need. To-date he has regularly supported US citizens in need with well over 700 two or three day clinics. And when not healing the disenfranchised in poverty-stricken rural areas of Appalachia or depressed urban areas like East St Louis, Remote Area Medical still finds time to go abroad in order to aid disaster struck areas like Haiti and the Philippines.

The feature-length documentary "Medicine Man" is in production and being directed by Camberwell's Paul Angell with help from Alex Zdan (also Camberwell), Ku Sharma (Brixton), Adam Pope (Herne Hill, also a volunteer at the Carnegie Library!), and Paul Murphy (Forest Hill). The only team member from North London, Director of Photography Tom Goudsmit (Old Street), has already been made an honorary South Londoner. Paul and Tom were shooting in East St Louis last week at a RAM clinic where hundreds were seen free of charge. They have were also doing interviews with the dispossessed and with people connected to Stan Brock. And all, remarkably, on a shoestring. Stan Brock loves their can-do spirit.

The film will follow the life of this incredibly altruistic 78 year old, a Dorset public school misfit whose colourful life includes driving cattle as a cowboy for the world's most remote ranch in the Amazon Basin, discovering a species of bat, bush plane flying, zoology, nature TV show presenting, starring in action hero films, publishing, and now his greatest passion … medical philanthropy with enormous plans to beat the high cost of US Healthcare through volunteerism and re-legislation. He has testified before Congressional Subcommittees in order to improve access. He's never taken a vacation and doesn't ever plan to. A latter day ascetic, he walks barefoot as much as possible, has never tried fast food, and also sleeps on the floor.

Now in the latter stages of production, the filmmakers are seeking donations through their Indiegogo campaign in order to be able to complete their film on a little known British hero from Preston in Lancashire. There are only three days left in it, so if you can support the effort by either helping to get word out (share, like, Retweet, make some noise) or making a small donation, see https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/medicine-man-usa-healthcare-for-all where you can link onto other media as well.