Life drawing classes/events with a good old fashioned sense of style!

Two community-based activities taking off like rockets this Spring: free film festivals and life drawing classes! We've previously mentioned a great surge of interest in life drawing classes around SE London and Herne Hill in particular at the Prince Regent through Lisa Brown's SketchPad group. For our area you can also add Betty Frankenstien's Drawing Room at The Cambria (40 Kemerton off Herne Hill) which happens on Wednesday nights from 7-9, and costs £8. She also runs a class at the Sparrowhawk Pub in Crystal Palace (SE19 1RX) on Mondays from 7-9pm.

Betty describes the Cambria class as very relaxed, set to a mix of blues, jazz and folk music, with no need to book. Her tagline is 'Life drawing classes and events with good old fashioned sense of style'.

It is also untutored and relaxed as a consequence - Betty's not a fan of life drawing classes where someone peers over your shoulder. A mix of people with varying drawing abilities and experience attend, from professional artists to absolute beginners, and everyone's always very supportive of each other. The class has been running for about 2 years and has built up into a really friendly, welcoming group where many firm friendships have formed.

On occasion Betty teams up with the local burlesque troop, The Salacious Sirens, to put on a night called 'Life Drawing With Added Frills', which is basically a mix of (often very funny) burlesque performances and poses. These nights are always lots of fun, and usually more than a little drunken! Tagline for the Sirens is: 'Taking burlesque back to 'burlar'; to mock!'

Hopefully we'll see the Drawing Room in Herne Hill Market once things warm up ... Betty has always fancied putting on outdoor (appropriately costumed) life drawing, to both promote her class and also just because it would be lots of fun!

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