Lido Pool begins refill/Hydrotherapy pool out of order again

Brockwell Lido's pool began its refill yesterday. According to GRC Filtration's team leader with whom we spoke, work finally finished shortly after Easter and the refill will take "up to two weeks". On the face of it, this means the pool will not be ready for the big open day or The Big Splash. Although it has been raining a bit lately, so that might help speed things up a bit! See photo below taken this afternoon - you can just about see water in there! Elsewhere, you can see no water at all in the Lido hydrotherapy pool, as it is again out of operation. Sounding like a broken record where the hydropool is concerned! However, as we understand it, it is completely drained in order to allow repairmen to come in and fix the loose railing which leads into the pool. See photo below. Saw one "engineer" on site testing the railing at around 2pm this afternoon. One Fusion staff member said he hoped it would be done today so a refill could ensue, but if it is a soak you want, best to ring the Lido first.