Lido Forum notes Hydrotherapy pool works soon at the Lido

There will be works in the Lido spa from 1-9 November. These works will be on the hydrotherapy pool and there are signs posted listing works planned at the Lido. These works were brought up at the Forum/AGM on Saturday. Fusion staff informed us after the Lido Forum that sauna/steamroom use should not be impacted during this period, but we will doublecheck. The Forum was useful with a decent turnout although as usual, not many spa users on hand! A few pictures from the event below. Here are the hydrotherapy pool planned works:

• The filter media will be changed and the filter is to be refurbished, including changing the media to Zeoclere which requires less water to backwash.

• Both circulation pumps are going to be replaced (they are both operational but one is at risk)

• A new balance tank level control will be installed.

• The Air jets and air blower will be altered to operate on fixed time sequence.

• The Feature pumps will also run on a fixed time sequence to remove the potential of static water.

• The balance tank will be cleaned.

• The non-return valves will be relocated and replaced to reduce the potential for air entrapment.

• The leaking and deformed pipe work within the plant room will be replaced.

• The water make-up pipe work will be increased in size to include a 1.5” solenoid valve.

• New operating instructions will be provided.

• Staff will be thoroughly trained in the plant room and works completed.