Learn about community sponsorship with Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees

If you've ever wondered what you have to do to help resettle a #refugee family from Syria, Iraq or elsewhere, come along to this event from @hhwr_ tomorrow on Zoom as part of #refugeeweek https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/community-sponsorship-what-is-it-and-how-... #community

What is Community Sponsorship? 

The scheme was launched by the British government in July 2016, at the height of the refugee crisis, in response to growing pressure from civil society. It was inspired by the successful Canadian private sponsorship model, which has seen over 300,000 refugees resettled since 1979. Click here to find more.

What is Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees? 

HHWR is a community sponsorship group from South East London resettling refugee families in the area. Find out more about us on Twitter or email us at hhwelcomesrefugees@gmail.com.

Want to know more before the joining the call? Sponsor Refugees have put together the “Community Sponsorship 101 - An Introduction” booklet.Download it here.


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