Lambeth Parking charges set to rocket in 2011

Lambeth's Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) charges are in many cases set to go up by 30% (and occasionally more!) next February.
Four years ago the flat charge was £60 (a charge which had not been subject to inflation percentage rises for the previous six years, thus £80 would have been more realistic).
From February an average car will pay from £135 to £149 annually (more if paid quarterly or half-yearly), and the emissions-based charge for the largest vehicles will be £234.
Doctors will pay £400 instead of £107, and teachers £330 instead of £255. The daily visitor pass (for 2 hours only in Herne Hill Ward) will rise from £3.70 to £5.00 (£4.40 if bought in books of 5 passes). Business permits will rise from £525 to £600.
Motorcycle charges will also go up.
Bearing in mind that there will soon be a CPZ re-consultation in parts of Herne Hill Ward, not currently in the zone covering Ferndene and surrounding roads, and the streets around Hinton and Cambria roads, it is likely that these rates will have a considerable bearing on the consultation.
I shall endeavour to make comparisons with adjacent boroughs in due course, but we are not always talking like-for-like since Wandsworth, for example, has a flat £120 charge, and a discount card for use at parking meters.

Posted by Scribe


Seems fair enough - why shouldnt the minority of us who choose to own cars in Lambeth pay more?

Its arguable that none of us need to own a car in an inner city area like this which has extensive public transport so those of us who choose to should contribute more.

Besides the £234 maximum fee is still less than £5 a week and is significantly less than the insurance and other costs of motoring.

Simone – are you having a giraffe when you state “none of us
need to own a car”?  As an example the medical profession can’t operate without private transport –
late night call-outs, attending multiple site clinics per day are examples
where public transport is just simply not viable.

As to putting up the charges there is a problem in the
Ruskin part of Here Hill where amongst the commuter parkers an increasing
number of residents within zone N appear to be parking around the zone to the
general detriment of those living there. 
What are the economics of putting up charges if they are likely to
create additional displacement?

How has
the Council (Councillors??) justified this increase anyway?