Lambeth Neighbourhood Watch advice

Dear All,

A large number of laptops are stolen everyday from individuals in a street, vehicles or in burglaries.  It is apparent that not many owners have taken any precautions to protect their property in any way, even though the computers hold lots of personal data and important documentation either personal or work.

In order to assist police in returning stolen items to their owners, can I please ask that you register all your property that has a make model and serial number on the free national mobile property register Immobilise which the police check property against.

Also please mark with a uv pen your house number and post code.  ( I have uv pens I can send out)

I was also intrigued by the newspaper article where an individual who had some gps signal in their laptop, was able to tell police when it was switched on where the lap top was and the laptop was found and an arrest made.  I have been made aware of the below product which is a programme that you have to buy.  It can be loaded onto a computer and then if stolen can be activated to not only lock your computer so your data can not be viewed but also has a tracking device.  I am not endorsing/recommending this product in anyway as I have no knowledge of how good it is and I am sure there are other similar products available, but I thought I would bring it to your attention as another preventative measure you may wish to look into.

If you are aware of any other products that you have used or know about this one, then please let me know so I can circulate to others.



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