The Knackered Chef Returns

Well it’s fair to say that the last four weeks have been nothing short of eventful, from my pop up supper evening at the Brewery and tap room, to writing more of my impending book, teaching and working on a project locally it’s just been full on as they say. I had to make a choice and sadly had to put this weekly article on the back burner, I’m pleased to say that I’m back and hopefully you’ll be happy to have me back.

It was while I was purchasing my goods and ingredients for the supper evening that I realised just how important it is to support our local businesses, whether it’s having a pint in the Bullfinch or the Canopy even popping into The Parlour for a coffee we have to remember that by regularly supporting these small businesses we are encouraging others to grow. We invariably forget that despite the present appearance of our high street we live here and we should be proud to fly the flag for Herne Hill, if we inspire others to support our high street than you will see a steady improvement in the quality of the offering, it’s hard to knock people that work for the good of the community if as an individual you are resistant to the changes that are needed to bring Herne Hill onto the map as a destination to visit. Places like the Half-Moon Pub should be a music venue there isn’t a place like it for miles, some of the greatest bands on the earth have played there and our own Jo Brand cut her teeth there in her early days.

What do you want for Herne Hill? Would you be happy to see it vanish into obscurity? Gone for ever!  would you like to see a Starbucks on the corner of Station square or would you like to see a thriving local business expand and grow in to the venue? You have a say in everything that happens in our community, there are people that work hard and give their free time to try and transform this lovely part of London and you have a chance to be part of history if you chose.

Take time to visit and support every pub, shop, Dry cleaners, bakery or deli. If we don’t they’ll be gone for ever and trust me you’ll be that individual saying what a shame. In reality they just didn’t have the support of our community.

Starting next Friday I’ll be back on my rounds visiting local businesses and catching up with those who try and make a living in our lovely town, if you would like me to come to your business and write and article on your please contact me.

07500 903 965