The Knackered Chef looking for a venue.

Recently moved to the Herne Hill area I’m a Chef/Restrauntuer looking for a venue to host a pop up evenings (burger and beer). I also make artisan handmade pies, all my ingredients are sourced locally and I’m a great believer in utilising my local small business for as much of my day to day groceries and food needs, I have a real sense of community and I’m a great believer in people. I’m a bit of a social whirl and in some cases an acquired taste, I have an undying passion for food, drink, and cooking  A firm believer in independence for small businesses and an experienced (old hand) in the food and drinks industry, I’ve worked, turned around and developed several businesses in the food and drinks industry, I’m always keen to offer my help.

I came back to London to try my hand at something different, it seems food and drink are firmly in my blood and I can’t escape it, with limited resources I’d like to reignite my passion, I’m looking for the following if anyone can either suggest or offer any help I’d be most grateful.

Firstly I’m trying to organise a supper evening and I’m looking for a venue for the evening my pop ups are only one night at a time and they only ever have about 15/20 people attend it’s not a money thing for me I love cooking and mixing with people its pretty much all I’m any good at.

Secondly for the last couple of years I’ve been making artisan handmade pies, they have been very successful and I do love what I do. I have all the equipment but no venue to work from, I’m looking for a venue that would be prepared to lend a hand so to speak maybe a kitchen share 1/2/3 days a week at the most, I’m happy making a contribution to running cost for the time I’m utilising the equipment and I’m more than happy to land a hand should they need any help in an emergency.

You can contact me on 07500 903 965