The Knackered Chef goes for a bike ride.

The summer holidays are upon us and here we sit reading my slightly wobbly weekly blog, I’ve embarked upon a new venture and last weeks was unbelievably very busy and if I’m honest I forgot about my blog but let me tell you why I have been away for a couple of months.

As I wrote last year how I found myself homeless and penniless a situation that I don’t recommend and wish never to replicate. The last twelve months have passed me by and recently I took a trip to Kings College hospital you see I’d had a bit of a funny turn and collapsed in doing so I messed myself up pretty badly breaking my nose and snapping my jaw and the pictures were not that pretty. It didn’t stop me from working but I had to prioritise my focus, first and foremost was my only reason and my why, my family who no matter come first and I had to mend myself.

Lying in intensive care thinking that I may not get out wasn’t pleasant. CAT scans, MRI scans, blood tests and an operation to put a plate in my jaw along with almost a dozen Leonard Buttons. I was feeling extremely sorry for myself and picked on. Of course my half full glass wasn’t empty and I was positive I was alive and I’d not had that bad of a day, I got a day out at one of the worlds best hospitals and I was cooked for which to be honest was the best Brucey bonus and then there was the nurses.

Coming home to rest and heal I was left with my thoughts I couldn’t open my mouth more than a few millimetre and when I did it brought me to tears, brushing my teeth was an epic effort and pain like I’d not experienced.

I had a commitment to the children I taught and I was keen to repair and get back to them. I knew that they could not miss a lesson and more than anything I love teaching. Unfortunately looking in the mirror I feared that my looks which lets face it on a good day I’m no Brad Pitt may send them into shock. My wife had pretty much grounded me and I was under strict instructions to stay horizontal for a couple of days, who was I to argue (I still cooked though I didn’t want finishing off with my wife’s cooking that nearly happened once and I vowed never to let her cook again).

Whilst convalescing I realised just how lucky I was, looking at the nuts and bolts of it were quite clear, I could very easily have lost my life and I knew that things could have been so different.

The event had prompted me to think long and hard about what actually matters and what could I do to give something back. I contacted King’s fund raising department and asked if I could raise money to show my appreciation for the wonderful care I’d received, “certainly Mr Knackered Chef we have several challenges and running events from 10k’s to a marathon”. Thinking long and hard which one to join I decided that a 10K would be a training session as it’s something I do three or four times a week running a marathon no matter how hard is a trendy way to raise money for charity non the less very admirable.

So I came up with something that I think would and hopefully be a little special and I could say it represents my character, so I’ve decided to do a round the world cycle, there is a world record but I think as much as I like a bike ride I’m not on Sir Wiggins level.

So why am I telling you this? running, Cooking, red wine and buffoonary I pretty much have down to a tee. I’m looking for support in any shape or form it comes in. Obviously I’m going to need a bike but more than anything I need help on planning and looking for sponsorship. everything from hotels, flights and dare I say security as there are one or two suspect countries I have to cycle through in order to cycle within the rules.

So there it is my cap in my hand asking if anyone can help. It’s a pretty serious proposition but one that those involved in can proudly say that they were involved with a world record attempt. The Knackered Chef on tour comes with a different meaning, it has importance and I speak through experience. A doctor told me I could never cook again I said I’m sorry doctor, sir I’ve come too far and lost so much to quit, I have made a promise to my wife and children, I was homeless last year, no money, 14 stone and emotionally at breaking point. Dr I’m 11 stone I have a business and I’m strong for my children and I will not give up and quit because you tell me that I can’t cook. Dr I will cook, it’s all I have and you will not take that away. I’ve had things taken from me and the door has been slammed in my face more time than you could ever imagine. I’ve seen things that I don’t wish on my worst enemy but through it all the only thing that has kept me going is the belief my family have in me and when I told my wife she said “ if anyone can do this then it’s you”. She has undying belief in me and knows that I will complete the challenge. so please if you’re reading this and think what can I do then call me or email me you’re potentially saving a life of someone you may know or even a family member by helping raise much needed funds for a hospital on your own front door step.