The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers

Setting up Fison Fitness has had its trials and tribulations. The extraordinary thing about life, and setting up a business, is that when you think you are heading for disaster someone always turns up at just the right moment to help you out. 

The most important part of the studio re vamp was to install in a new floor. After lots of research I selected my floor and ordered it.

The day of delivery came and an enormous pantechnicon arrived in Milkwood Road. The tiles were unloaded and all that remained was to lay the new gym floor.

The next day my father and I started to lay the square tiled floor. We soon realised that the tiles were not true squares and so fitting them together was not easy. We managed the main body of the floor but the edges were proving a nightmare. It became clear that we needed a much better cutting tool.  So, we stopped work and made a quick trip to B&Q.  Even with the better cutter, in one hour only four edge tiles had been cut.  At this rate we'd be working into the small hours of the morning. 

Walking through the alley between the dance studio and the student accommodation I saw there were two men laying a lino floor. With nothing to loose I thought I would ask their advice. They very kindly said they would come over at 6, once they had finished their work, to have a look.  But they didn't just have a look they got out their tools and completed the whole floor in just over an hour. They were from Liverpool, it was a Friday night and they delayed their return home to help us out. And, because I was so frantic, I never asked their names.  So a big thank you to two wonderful guys from Liverpool who saved the day.  I won't forget you. 

The whole studio has been built on these acts of kindness and thanks to everyone involved. 

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