Just Williams Toys Leaves Herne HIll

It is with great sadness that the Herne Hill branch of Just Williams will be closing on Sunday 24th January due to the prohibitive rents that Dulwich Estates are now looking to secure.  I appreciate that upward rent reviews are a part of doing business.  However, there are numerous other factors to consider.  Herne Hill has never fully recovered after the flood two years ago, with footfall being down and several shops are still trying to recover their losses putting them in financial predicaments. 

I am sure if such high rents continue to be demanded for the area you will see several other shops disappear in the next few years.  As a result Herne Hill will not be the place it once was.  I both have lived in Herne Hill for 10 years as well as traded here and I now have real concerns on what is going to happen to the area.

We have 4 branches of Just Williams in East Dulwich, Beckenham and Clapham South, of which Herne Hill is the smallest (half the size of the Clapham  branch) yet the rent that is sought for Herne Hill is the most – where the footfall is the lowest!

Herne Hill is a lovely place and has a lot to offer and it sadness me that it will soon change due to such high rent increases.


How big was the rent hike in %? Post that and readers will know if the estate was being usurious.

That is right but now they have put it on the market for more.....  We paid £22,500 p.a. which included our garage and a parking space now they not only hike up the rent but want to charge extra for these.

I have only negative experiences of the Dulwich estate. All related to their greed. I'm sure we will end up with a generic high street full of Costa Coffee and Boots, just like everywhere else. Short sighted and no thought for maintaining the spirit of Herne Hill.

It's the wonderful independent shops like Just Williams that give Herne Hill its delightful, unique urban-village feel. If you charge exorbitant rents that drive out these shops, the big chains will move in and Half Moon Lane will become another soulless high street.  If you would like to help shops like Just Williams stay please sign this petitions - https://www.change.org/p/dulwich-estates-dulwich-estates-to-behave-reaso...

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