Hylda Sims

BLU members and Brockwell Lido users were very sad to learn of the death of Hylda Sims on January 13th. Hylda did so much to save and support our Lido. We will remember her with great affection and respect.  ++Hylda was a crucial early committee member when BLU's mission was to save our beloved Lido.

She wrote our newsletter, BLUprint, for many years with characteristic panache. With Melanie Mauthner, Hylda produced Waterwords, a collection of children's poetry and pictures inspired by the Lido. She helped us celebrate the Lido's 70th birthday in 2007 when we had a major presence at the Lambeth Country Show, And we mustn't forget Hylda's brilliant contributions to Peter Bradley's iconic book, Out of the Blue, which included an unforgettable account of a youthful indiscretion at the Lido! We shall not see her like again.

Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Brockwell_Park_Lido.jpg