HERNE HILL TAI CHI CLUB, Tuesdays at St Paul's, Herne Hill

7pm Tuesdays

St Pauls Church Hall

Herne Hill SE24 9LY

12 class term £90.00

Come along next Tuesday and give one a go. For free! Friendly group! Tai Chi can help to get you balanced, centred and relaxed. Rupert Ingham, the class teacher, has studied with some of the most knowledgeable people in this field. It's a Yang-style 楊氏 Tai Chi Chüan class from 7 till 8:30pm.

There are six major styles of Tai Chi, the Yang-family school is one of them. It focuses most closely on Yáng Chéngfǔ's (1900) thirteen classic tai chi 'Fixed Postures'. Yáng Chéngfǔ removed many of the more acrobatic movements which his grandfather and Yang school founder Yang Lu-chan incorporated.

Rupert has studied under Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, one of only three disciples that Yang Shou-chung, Ch'eng-fu's son, ever accepted. He has also studied under John Ding, one of Tak's students, and Master Chu King-hung, founder of the International Tai Chi Chüan Association (ITCCA).Rupert also has extensive background in Yoga Nidra which he teaches on a one to one basis.

Venue: St Paul's Church Hall, on Herne Hill at Kestrel Avenue/Ruskin Walk. All levels welcome. For more info, ring Rupert on 0794617725 ... or just roll up!

          Yang Lu Chan                          Ip Tai Tak