Herne Hill Sunday Market News & Trader Tales ... for Oct 14th!

We had another couple of entertaining sets from Jazz Union (aka Ingham Swing Ensemble) at Jazz On The Hill for Sunday lunchtime, which actually filled up a lot just as the market was wrapping! A later start than usual but very nice once it got going. Great hearing some of the traders ask "where is the music!?"

Especially Elaine the Flower Lady who in the pic below says I LOVE HERNE HILL! Please notice her 100+ year old family flower cart which sits just outside the shop. She started out in London on it! The Flower Lady comes from a long family line of florists, originally hailing from Portsmouth. 

Elaine let it be known that she has a new batch of Antonia Myatt postcards in her shop - and they really are remarkable! Two of note - Elaine's shop and Pullen's! But there are more by other local artists. If you don't have a clue about Antonia, you can check out her work at Saatchi Online:




The Herne Hill Music Festival continued to leaflet for the fest which carries on through to Oct 20th - and thanks to Tracey at Jazz for lending a hand. Tony at Jazz says he's looking for a new loudspeaker to help better get Sunday lunchtime music into market row. Last week, Chris who helps the Herne Hill Forum to set up traders in the market, said he'd been approached by lots of new applications for stalls which kept him around the market a lot longer than usual! And there they were on Sunday - at least six new stalls!


Last week we mentioned Annie Crimp who runs her Handmade Mosaics Originals stall - we ran a photo of her grooving to the Sunday swing jazz sounds. She also has a stall at Greenwich Market on Fridays. We included a link just in case you wanted to see her work online but on Sunday she recommended a better one, which is her Flickr account:



Annie loves mosaics because she adores the idea that small broken pieces can be put together and made into a unique and beautiful whole. She also loves the idea of integrating found objects. She became hooked on this stuff after taking a residential course in France. Her Facebook page is in the works.

Finally, a few new pianists played their debut bits on the arcade piano - here's a picture of a debutante at the weekend!