Herne Hill Station could become an energy garden station

Herne Hill Station already has a piano - used by loads of talented locals - how about turning the unused space on the platforms into an ENERGY GARDEN? 

The ENERGY GARDEN plan is to "transform as many as 50 London Overground platforms and stations into thriving gardens that will incorporate food growing plots and solar energy, providing on-site renewable energy for lighting, water pumps or other small scale station amenities.

We also have plans to identify a larger solar energy site to generate a long-term income for the gardens. The gardens will also provide training opportunities and waged horticulture apprenticeships for young people. Energy Gardens will promote food and energy security, create resilient communities, and improve the health and well-being of Londoners."          -  Certainly sounds very Here Hill-y!

Brondesbury set up the first ENERGY GARDEN at its station in 2012 -"The Edible Overground"which now produces 45kgs of vegetables, dozens of jars of honey and hundreds of pints of beer made using the hops grown on site. They are also now exploring options to build a solar panel installation on the roof of Brondesbury Station, in order to support the garden with a solar energy revenue stream. 

Londoners are now being invited to come forward to work with Groundwork and Repowering London to see transform their stations into Energy Gardens. 

Do any local groups/individuals/commuters/business owners fancy taking this further? If so please put in an  expressions of interest to work  to transform Herne Hill Station into an Energy Garden - then update this news item to let us know you have and we'll all Tweet our support (- To nominate Herne Hill station you can tweet using #GreenMyOverground@GroundworkLON )

The Energy Garden programme is being delivered by Groundwork London and Repowering London in partnerhsip with London Overground Rail Operations Ltd. For more information please contact energy.garden@groundwork.org.uk