Herne Hill Public Meeting 8 Oct - notes & actions

In case you missed our evening of rubbish, evictions and floods (sounds doom & gloom doesn't it?), we're sharing the notes and actions hhfpublicmeetingwithminutesactions_08102015_v01lr_0.pptx Please have a read through the slides to get a feel for what was presented, the commitments made, questions asked and the answers or lack thereof.  

Big thanks to Rob and the rest of his team at Herne Hill Baptist Church for providing their amazing venue and all the help they provided in the run up and on the night.  Our thanks also go to Helen Hayes for her time and commitment to Herne Hill and to the representatives from Lambeth Council, Southwark Council, our Councillors, Network Rail, Thames Water and Cunningham Lindsey.  We're grateful that you attended and provided the opportunity to hear our problems and attempt to work through some of the problems.  

For more photos please see the gallery here.  


Hello HHF,

it seems I cannot access the notes for last weeks meeting that I attended.  Could you let me know why that is.  

Many thanks Adam.

Hello HHF,

I still cannot access the notes and where can I see a full transcript of the meeting. As this was a public meeting you must have full minutes.

It also seems that there has been an edit to my previous comments. Can you let me know why this is.

Thanks Adam.

The minutes were part of the powerpoint slide deck. They were a collection of the comments and statements made during the evening. Did you manage to download it?

Not sure if the original comment was edited, not to our knowledge.