Herne Hill Piano on the Telly!!

Herne Hill Piano does not hide away for long!

TV Companies are queuing up to come down see our wonderful community piano!

Londonlive are filming on Wednesday and ITV News are coming on Thursday!

The TV Companies are keen to cover the upcoming street pianos Film Project of Maureen Ni Fiann and Tom Rochester, and their fundraising campaign.

They are coming to hear about their plans to make a documentary film about the positive effect street pianos have in cities.

Wouldn't it be great if there were more street pianos  around London and the Herne Hill Piano was leading the way!

Programmes should be going out on Londonlive Wednesday Lunchtime and again at 6.30pm


and on ITV London 6o'clock News on Thursday.

Watch this space for any updates!

O and How can YOU help this film get made?

YOu can pledge anything from £1

Here  2 clicks and its done - you might regret it!


on the kickstarter site.

You can help them get this film made because.....


If they do not get their target £6,500 then they get nothing!

O No! - they have £1500 so far ......

So please donate - every pledge, is a MASSIVE boost for them!


and there is one week left only!


... have a go its EASY even painless - and you will make Herne Hill Piano Very Happy!