Herne Hill Piano Countdown to Kickstarter Campaign!

Film makers Maureen Ni Fiann and Tom Rochester got so much interest in their short documentary The People's Piano,

 - that they are launching a kickstarter campaign on Tuesday to fund a longer documentary about Street Pianos.

"Everybody loves that piano" said Maureen "It is remarkable how people interact and connect around that piano. People are more social than cities allow them to be. We feel the story of street pianos is that they bring life back to urban streets. That is something that everyone wants. The Herne Hill Piano has shown us how much it matters to people. So we want to make this next film."

"Our funding campaign begins on Tuesday! If you would like to see this film get made you can be a part of it by contributing online - anything from £1 upwards. Everything helps. Sharing the campaign on facebook and twitter helps a lot too!"

Keep an eye on the Forum for the launch link on Tuesday!!

In the meantime here's a lovely film of the Piano Birthday last Saturday

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