Herne Hill - the New Web site

Ta Da!

After what seems like a very long time the team behind the Herne Hill web site have pulled back the curtains and opened for business with the new site. New look, loads more features with more still to come.

It has been done by many volunteers working closley with those fine people at Folklabs, Chris and Paul. If anyone wants clever creative techie stuff done then they are the ones for you, just don't tell them that Herne Hill Forum sent you as they have probably had enough of anythng to do with Herne Hill for a while (as if anyone could).

The revamped site should be easier to use, new features are still coming (mapping, galleries and such like).

We really want all the content to be crowd sourced, from you. We have made it easy to submit news items, events and get a listing in the servcies section. The on-line discussion area is easier to use so get chatting. It is Herne Hill's site - use it!

There is now an expanded area for all the local groups and campaigns that are in the area - all under the Community menu. If you want your local group to have a space there then just select the "request a group" button in the Community area.

We would love to get your feedback about how you think it is working, what is good, what needs more work. If you have ideas about features you would like added then let us know - ideally post your comments and ideas here.


The Herne Hill Forum web team volunteers and all at Folklabs