Herne Hill Music Fest News - Prince in the Tower Michael Tyack, Great Princes Carnegie show!

We had a quick chat last night with Michael Tyack - one third of Princes in the Tower, the "Renaissance Power Trio" which entertained us mightily with their Festival show at the Carnegie Library. We had the chat at the interval on the steps of the Carnegie! Michael hails from South London, which is where he founded the neo-medieval folk band Circulus over 10 years ago with William Summers and Antony Elvin. Michael says he's recently moved to Glastonbury, which he loves not just for the West Country vibe, but also for the heritage ... stone circles, barrows, ley lines ... you name it! Top of his agenda: he'll be curating a psychedelic baroque folk show in January at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms (on the High Street) and we're all invited! Invites all round for Shamanic Drumming & the Mystic and Earth Spirit Fayre in December as well. What better for Christmas?

For more info about the Assembly Rooms: http://assemblyrooms.org.uk/

See Michael's Circulus video (My Body is Made of Sunlight)! You might recognize William and Antony in it! Great stuff! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2OavLPpPVw