Herne Hill Hedgehogs - have you seen one?

London Wildlife Trust are mapping hedgehogs all across London to try and stem their rapid decline. Check out this fascinating map (link) to see where they've been spotted - Rosendale allotments seem to have some spiky goings on!

Have you ever seen one here? If so, please let London Wildlife Trust know - and add a comment below!

One of the MOST important things we can do to help urban hedgehogs is to create a simple little hole in garden fences. Hedgehogs need to roam for 1-2 miles a night in search of food, and garden fences are a real barrier to this.

Check this out (link)  - Barnes are raising funds to create an area-wide Hedgehog Highway, connecting up people's back gardens so that their hoggy neighbours can pass through.

I'd love to do the same in Herne Hill - please add a comment below if you'd be up for helping with this, and I'll see if I can start the ball rolling for a Herne Hill Hedgehog Highway...



I haven't seen a hedgehog in my 12 years of living in Herne Hill; but I'd love to do my bit to encourage them!  The network of gardens behind our house should be hoggy-heaven if we could get neighbours to put holes in their fences.  Let me know how I can help! 

We get them occasionally on Lovelace Rd. Will report them next time- thanks for sharing.