Herne Hill Festival needs you!

The Herne Hill Music Festival will take place for the 2nd time in October, and there is an exciting programme of performances under development - details on the web site. Same range of music as last year - jazz, classical, and lighter music.


BUT, we need a Committee to run the event. There are just 3 of us at the moment, which is not enough.


We need 2 or 3 more people who would be able to attend evening meetings once every couple of months, and take on a small task such as taking minutes or running a bank account with about 10 transactions a year.


Qualification required:


- you need to live somewhere near Herne Hill

- you need to be able to turn up at meetings, and to read and write!

- you need to like music - no need for expertise.


Any volunteers please contact Alan Taylor - alan.taylor@dpmail.co.uk


Festival Web site - hernehillfestival.co.uk