Herne Hill Champion/Coordinator person and Admin person wanted.

This is a callout to anyone out there who is or knows of a real Champion for Herne Hill. The Herne Hill Forum are looking to contract in the services of the next best thing to a superhero to work on various projects that we are working on. They are all about making Herne Hill an even nicer place to live, work and visit.  It's more than a Town Centre Manager, loads of skilful co-ordination and team management, someone who can juggle the local issues with the big picture and make good things happen.

Not only do we need a Champion to make amazing things happen but we want to contract in the services of the best administrator that we can find. Someone who can really ensure that all the really important nitty-gritty stuff gets done, to help the existing market co-ordinator and the soon to be Champion, being part of a fun team that has Herne Hill written through their hearts.

Even if this isn't you we bet you know someone who just fits the bill, so don't hold back, tell them about it, spread the word so we can spread the love!

Drop a line in requesting the details of either the Herne Hill Champion requirement or the Administrator hero and by the wonders of e-mail the details will come whizzing through to you, assuming we can find the right button to press.