Herne Hill becomes centre of UK for young musicians this September

Within a 2 mile radius of Herne Hill Station are 4 independent Junior Open Mics - including the largest and second largest in the UK. Pretty handy for aspiring young musicians when you consider there are merely a handful in the country.

On 15th September, Junior Open Mic’ers from all over South London will gather to perform at JOM Micro Music Festival II in Brockwell Park. Thirty-two acts (totalling fifty-two young artists) performing one song each plus two guest acts - one of which is already signed with Rough Trade Records. The average performer age is 12.

Organiser Andy Gray from JOM (the parent-led community group behind the festival) says the line-up comprises of self-driven performers. “Some are making their public debut, others are veterans. Our aim is to move young performers on from performing at home or Junior Open Mics (which are more intimate gigs). However, the festival is not entirely about showcasing talent. It’s also about building confidence and encouraging performance by making young performers feel as special as possible. So the format has festival quality sound, a performers’ VIP tent with complimentary refreshments, two performer assistants and a Green Room.”

Pushing Herne Hill further to the centre of youth music in September is No ID - a youth music event at Off The Cuff Music Bar in Railton Rd. As the name suggests it’s a chance for young people to experience a proper gig.

Parent Organiser Kester Brewin explains this is their sixth No ID event in 18 months. “We scout for youth bands at local talent contests like Battle of the Bands or the BRIT School. Most of the audience are aged 14-17 and we run from 3-6.30pm so it’s safer for teenagers making their way home.”

No ID are also keen to build youth talent in areas other than music performance - handing over design, fanzine creation, lighting etc to young people so that they can hone their skills in a professional environment. Contact them on Instagram at @NoIDLondon, or email on NoID@vaux.net if interested.

Based on previous events and ticket reservations, JOM Micro Music Festival II will attract an audience of 400-600. NO ID sell out at 250.

JOM Micro Music Festival II - 15th Sept 1-5pm
Brockwell Park by Brockwell Hall, Admission free

NO ID6 - 29th Sept 3-6.30pm
Off The Cuff Music Bar, Railton Rd, Tickets £6 buytickets.at/NoID

Local Junior Open Mics
• JOM Junior Open Mic - Sundays @ Off The Cuff Music Bar (contact andyg.coms@gmail.com for dates)
• Brixton Youth Open Mic - Ritzy Cinema Mezzanine - 2nd Sat of the month @ 1pm
• West Norwood Feast - Junior Open Mic
• Longfield Hall Youth Jam - Myatts Field