Helen Hayes MP: "Events of 40,000 people are simply too large to be accommodated in Brockwell Park.."

"Events of 40,000 are simply too large to be accommodated in Brockwell Park without unacceptable consequences for both residents and the environment in the park." Helen Hayes MP

Whilst Chukka Umunna MP uncritically passes on Lambeth Events Team statements, Helen Hayes MP has made her position fairly clear. In an emailed response to residents who expressed concerns about the poorly consulted proposals, she said:

Council officers are clear that permission has not yet been given for either of these events.  The view that I have been representing to the Council is that events of 40,000 people are simply too large to be accommodated in Brockwell Park without unacceptable consequences for both local residents and the environment in the park.  If Lovebox is unable to scale back the number of tickets for its event, then I am clear that it is not a suitable event to be held in Brockwell Park.  I have also been clear that in my view the Council must consult with local residents on the proposal from Field Day and any other large events in the park, and respond to the feedback received.  Any proposals for new events in Brockwell Park are subject to a community safety decision, and a licensing application, and potentially also a planning application.  I have asked the Council to set out very clearly both the process for consultation and the formal decisions which need to be taken.  

I know that the concerns of many residents are based on the completely unacceptable impacts that the Sunfall events had on residential amenity in the Herne Hill area, and I am therefore pleased that the Council has confirmed that Sunfall will not be held in Brockwell Park again because of the extent of the problems that it caused for local residents. I have written to the Council setting out local residents’ concerns about the new proposals, regarding the level of noise pollution, the management of large numbers of people moving through surrounding residential areas, the clean-up after the events, the impact on the local area and the length of time that areas of the park would be inaccessible to residents.

It is has been acknowledged that Sunfall had unacceptable impacts on local residents and the council has prohibited the return of the event. That impact was despite Sunfall being less than half the size of either of the proposed festivals, only a single day event instead of two 3-day events and its occupying a much smaller area within Brockwell Park. Lambeth seem to be confident that the Lovebox team will be able to deliver where Sunfall failed. They say that they are subjecting them to "rigorous sruitiny". Which is remarkable given that the now Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, was elected after making a promise to tear up the Lovebox contract because of the continued misery the promoters were causing for local residents.

John Biggs was true to his word and booted Lovebox out of Tower Hamlets even before their contract had expired.

Luckily for Lovebox, Lambeth Events seem more than happy to welcome Tower Hamlets' sloppy seconds.