Hedge planting continues til Thurs 13 Dec 2012 11am - 3pm, Cressingham Ridge, Brockwell Park

Hedge planting continues until Thursday 13th December 2012 from 11am - 3pm in Cressingham Ridge, volunteers welcome! Almost 800 metres of native hedgerow is being planted along the ridge on the WESTERN side of Brockwell Park. This hedge will be the longest, newly planted hedgerow in Lambeth! Hawthorn, Cherry plum, Hornbeam, Field Maple, Spindle, Dog rose and more will provide food and nesting sites for birds and support bees, butterflies, small mammals, amphibians and insects. It will also be a colourful hedgerow for park visitors to enjoy.

If you would like to get involved in helping to prepare and plant this very special hedgerow then do join in. Volunteer sessions take place Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursdays throughout December, January and February.

Funding coming from the Biff Award and Veolia Environmental Trust has made it possible for Brockwell Park Community Partners (BPCP) with Trust for Conservation Volunteers (TCV) to undertake this project.

Contact information: thoare@lambeth.gov.uk