Happy new year from The Knackered Chef.

Did it really happen in those past twelve months of 2016 a year to remember, we lost some great names David Bowie, Prince and sadly one of my all-time greatest musical influencers George Michael. The sad passing of such great names reminds us all too well of our own mortality those who have given so much had it taken way to soon. May they rest in peace.

We have made mistakes guilty as charged myself there have been some instances which I would gladly park in the garage marked (think before you speak) once it’s been said it can never be undone.

There were pop-ups around Herne Hill and if you were passing through Brixton in September you may have seen me cooking up a treat, a stint on Brixton Market and still teaching cookery to young children, Lambeth academy invited me to work with them Inspiring young adults transition into the work place or to further education.

The book still nowhere near complete which is a real shame, and the world still smouldering not on fire I found myself in and out of hospital last year which brought it all very close to home, King’s now refer to me by my first name, sometimes “it’s you again”

My thirst for the new-found enjoyment of writing compromised with the need to heal and make good and finish the race of 2016. The intention to visit as many businesses as I could in Herne Hill put aside for my health most of the year has been spent recovering and trying to focus on what work I could do under the circumstances.

This year I’d like to pick up where I left, I’d arranged to visit a local business to have one of my chats with them finding myself a bit bruised and battered lying on a hospital bed wasn’t what I had in mind

Never the less I did stay committed to running, Did you? Did you manage to stop smoking? It makes me wonder what I could have achieved if my health would have been a little more on point. If you did a very big pat on the back well done now all you must do it keep it that way, losing the weight or stopping smoking was the easy bit, maintaining it whether it be smoking, weight, marriage or work is without doubt the hardest part.

Take solus I watched Robbie Williams “rocking Big Ben” last night he’s done quite well to say he can’t sing, anything’s possible

For those who plan the journey this year take inspiration I have managed to shift almost three stone in the last twelve months even with the difficulties faced this year I’ve focused on what I have set out to achieve, when you start the journey you must finish it, good luck and stay absolutely, there are going to be times when you thing “what is this all about” it’s so much easier to quit and go back to how things were because there is no effort required, yes it’s going to be a challenge and yes it’s going to hurt, it will take you beyond your thresholds and possibly to breaking point.

That said I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2017  for what you didn’t achieve in 2016 give it a go this year you never know.