Futures Festival Job Fair - a world of opportunities awaits

Futures Festival is a FREE, not-for-profit, fresh approach to a careers fair, taking place on Thursday October 25th at St John's Primary School, Angell Road, SW9 7HH.

Futures Festival​ is part of a community-led scheme to help young people from Angell Town get into work and establish careers in industries they love. The industries taking part include construction and engineering, creative arts and media, tourism, health and social care, business and finance, technology, music and food.

The event is free for young people to attend, and young participants earn their access to free lunch, sports activities, and entertainment by engaging with 3 or more activities available to them on the day. 

There’s a subsidised food market with traders from ​KERB and ice cream from Ben & Jerrys for dessert. Also on the menu is live music by young talents from ​School Ground Sounds​, sport activities from ​Football Beyond Borders​ and ​Dwaynamics​ alongside an ​Angell Town community market.

The event is a collaboration led by ​Spiral Skills​ with co-organisers ​Big Local Impact Brixton​ and the Angell Town Funded Groups. It is sponsored by the ​Big Lottery​, The London Community Foundation​ and the ​Tom’s Trust.

To reserve a free ticket and find out more, see here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/futures-festival-a-world-of-opportunities...