Free Garuda Matwork Open Class at the Lido this Friday Feb 24th

There's a unique opportunity to experience a free open Garuda Matwork class at the Lido, from 10-11am in Studio 2, this Friday 24th February with the highly respected Italian movement specialist, Laura Guarnera.

You will need to bring along a Matwork voucher for the free offer. These you can find in Lido reception. If none remain, perhaps you could also print off the one scanned in below. You might also want to check with reception re space availability.

Garuda is an interesting, relatively new relaxation and movement hybrid which is named after a large mythical bird or bird-like creature that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology as a human or animal hybrid divinity, or deva. Garuda for its practitioners is a form of prayer and each class is an organic "journey" which takes pilates, dance and yoga into a varied and creative exercise which stresses rhythm, flow, relaxation and movement. Exercise aims to move from the simple to the complex and is nonjudgemental as it streamlines movement to each individual's potential.

Laura Guarnera has been exploring movement for over 30 years. She has a background in dance, pilates, gyrotonic, yoga, Franklin method, Body Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation. She's also a choreographer and performer and her companies “Trinacria Teatro Danza” and “ Compagnia Guarnera Guy” have won awards. She qualified as a yoga instructor in India and pilates teacher in the UK under the likes of James D'Silva who created Garuda Pilates. She now teaches both to dancers in places like Siobhan Davies Dance Studios.

And she's come to the Lido now as well!

You can see an excellent demo video of Garuda by founder James D'Silva at:

You can check out Laura's website at: