Food Bank Volunteers needed

Norwood Foodbank needs volunteers to help prepare some simple menu cards that can be printed in colour and laminated for clients to take away.


The recipes need to use the donated non perishable goods (tins, dried food such as noodles & pasta, pulses etc). At the moment, some clients cannot make use of some of the food as they don't know how to make it into a meal - for example lentils and kidney beans. And sometimes it's just a case of suggesting a combination of foods - for example a tin of chicken soup and a packet of noodles put together makes chicken noodle soup. Creative ideas to use baked beans would also be good.


Many do not speak English well so the recipes would have be written simply and may need pictures as well.


The food bank ideally would like volunteers who think they can help to come and look at what food they have in stock and be creative as to what dishes can be made.



Truro Foodbank have some ideas

If you are interested and think you can help, email for more information.


There is also an urgent request for volunteers to give an hour on Saturday 6th April at Tesco's Brixton. Volunteers are needed to give out shopping lists and encourage shoppers to buy an extra item and donate it on the way out. They also need drivers to deliver food to the warehouse.


Sign up is via doodle full details are also on our website.