Final days for the Herne Hill Piano Plea

Herne Hillians, you are amazing!  We reached our initial target of £5000 in just 5 days.  Huge thanks!  Your generosity has been outstanding.

We're now working towards a stretch target of £7500.  This extra sum will enable us to create a Herne Hill piano academy, which pays for local kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford piano lessons, to have starter sessions with a local teacher. 

Your generous support can achieve the following:

  • Donate £30 to buy an hour's piano lesson for a local child who wouldn't otherwise have the chance
  • Donate £10 to buy a 'teach yourself piano' book and CD, to help a local child keep practicing
  • Donate £10 to buy a set of sheet music and build a library of music for the piano
  • Donate £50 to buy a duet piano stool with storage space for sheet music

To donate, follow the link here. Campaign ends on Tuesday 24th at 11pm.  Please help spread the word!