Festival Composition Competition tonight - the Final!

Roll up for the final of Festival Composition Competition! That's 7:30pm tonight at St Faith's featuring the Artdesami Piano Trio … an event which is the closest thing we've got to classical music X-Factor performed by a judging panel - Artdesami voted on the shortlist from over 20 pieces submitted from around the world. But tonight YOU the audience choose the winner.

Artdesami are Anna Salmi (violin), Amy Sims (cello) and Catherine Herriot (piano). They've been working together since Xmas 2011 and will this evening perform Beethoven, Bridge and Haydn wrapped around the shortlisted works.

We had a quick word with Anna Salmi about our Composition Competition final. Anna is from Hyvinkää (dare you to pronounce that!) Finland and loves London for its variety. She combines performing with teaching, composing and session work. She doesn't confine herself to a classical repertoire - she's also interested in rock and indie pop and is part of the Peter Lucas Band! (http://www.reverbnation.com/peterlucasband)

Anna is intrigued by the Festival's shortlisted pieces and appreciates this kind of competition because it can be so difficult for new composers to achieve notoriety. Here's her take on the shortlisted pieces Artdesamis willl play at the St Faith's Final:

Bernard Hughes: Without Ceremony - "Reminiscent of Charles Ives, a multi-movement piece"
Phil Taylor: Half Moon, Full Moon - "Atmospheric. The shortest piece"
Santiago Vidal: Cronica de una decepcion - Wonderfully angled at filmscore; "reminds me of a Spanish art film soundtrack"

You be the judge!