'Feeling the Journey' carer art show opens March 6th, in HH Market this Sunday 24th

Caring for others is hard work anytime - but caring for the infirm, disabled or elderly is even harder. These carers are 'Everyday Heroes' who go about their business almost invisibly and are always exhausted since caring is usually full time work and unremunerated. Carers end up juggling jobs with caring duties - often at the cost of sleep! These days there's even less support, funding or respite in place to help take the pressure off. Caring really changes carers in the process.

To raise awareness of the very important role carers play in our community and to celebrate their efforts, Sarah Slee is putting on 'Feeling The Journey', an exhibition of works by artists who are or have been carers and have also been changed by the experience. The show will happen at the Whippersnappers Community Arts Centre situated in College Lodge (Dulwich Park) with an opening set for Sunday, March 3rd, from 2-6pm. It will happen mainly on Sundays every weekend until March 30th.

'Feeling the Journey' is like profiles in courage. As the name suggests, it's an effort by carer-artists to describe what they go through and to find creative ways for the public and people with special needs to engage. Children and adults will be able to interact via touchy/feely pictures made of shells, pebbles and clay. The Elders Club at College Lodge is also creating a collage with children from Whippersnappers After-School Club, based at Brockwell Lido. It constitutes their art activity, and also relates to 'journey' (boats, trains).

'Feeling The Journey' will be led by Wendy Sullivan, a local artist and a veteran of many exhibitions, who was a carer for over a decade. Now 74, Wendy started painting abstracts in 1973, eventually studying at Goldsmiths and Sir John Cass colleges. Her local shows have included Brixton Gallery, Cooltans, Brixton & W. Norwood Libraries, Bettie Morton Gallery, Royal Academy Summer Shows and The Ritzy. She was winner of Brixton Open 2003 and has been an Artist-in-Residence at ASC Studios, Stockwell Road. Her media is tempera (egg) and oil, sand, marble dust, and quartz. Tempera became a necessity when she became allergic to turps, nickel, and cobalt! She'll be showing newer works (one includes a view of the trainline at Loughborough Junction, another integrates tactile elements like shells, 16 works in total) and one painting will be raffled off to raise money for Cancer Research UK. For more info about Wendy's work on show, see: http://www.wendysullivanartist.com/page5.php

Another artist in the show is Angela Wright, who creates textile and mixed-media based installations. Angela is organising an installation titled 'Leafball' on the lawn in front of College Lodge, which will grow as the exhibition moves through the month. She's well known for her work with silk and wool and has toured works from Shanghai to Spitalfields. For more information on Angela, see her website: http://www.angelawright.co.uk/

A filmed interview of Wendy by local painter Jenny Jones (produced by curator Sarah Slee) will be screened during the exhibition's run. The opening will also feature readings by local poet Jenni Howard. You can check out images of works by the artists on show, below. Since some of Wendy's work is beach-themed, you can also hear 2 minutes of relaxing beach and surf sounds embedded in our audio player below as well! Just click on play ... interaction begins here!

To start the ball rolling, 'Feeling The Journey' will be manning a Caring Tent at Herne Hill Market this Sunday the 24th, from noon. Wendy Sullivan will bring along the painting she plans to raffle off and tickets will be available. Also on hand will be Whippersnappers staff, as will information about services for carers or those in need of care from Herne Hill's Warm & Well and Contact A Family. Warm & Well were in the market last week at the 198 Railton Road venue offering advice for the elderly as well as working with the 'Make a Film in a Day' children's filmmaking scheme led by the Clapham Film Unit. Contact A Family is a national charity that exists to support the families of disabled children and offer support, information and advice in our locality through their branches in Lambeth and Southwark. CAF has organized free carer respite meditation sessions at Brockwell Lido.

Warm & Well: http://warmandwell.wordpress.com/tag/herne-hill/

Contact A Family: http://www.cafamily.org.uk/

Including some photos from the Market last Sunday the 17th below too - young filmmakers engaged in the 'Make a Film in a Day' scheme, the FREE Bling Ya Bike stall (this week: Bling Ya Buggy!), local police officers leafleting on how to protect your bicycle, and Pullen's Alan Gaunt pan-frying fish during the Fish Course! Fish pic courtesy of Gensweet's Instagram post! More on Bling Ya Bike here, lots of cool videos: http://brockwellparkcommunitypartners.org.uk/bling-ya-bike/

So ..... stop by the Caring Tent in Herne Hill Market this Sunday from 12-3pm (using the Fish Course tent when the course is finished!) and say hello! And hope to see you at Dulwich Lodge on March 3rd!


Memories of a Beach


special tactile work for 'Feeling the Journey' with shells


South London from Loughborough Junction


Torn Red Raw Silk, Spitalfields

'Make a Film in a Day' at work last weekend; editing in

Clapham this weekend!

The Bling Ya Bike crew last weekend - this weekend

it'll be Bling Ya Buggy! FREE!

Helpful bike security tips from our local coppers!

Alan Gaunt from Pullens revealing how it's done

during the Fish Course!