Fed up of endless plastic packaging?

Plastic packaging and waste are hot topics at the moment. Programmes like Blue Planet have brought this crisis to the attention of a wider audience and the issues are finally getting raised in parliament. Following the positive impact of the plastic bag charge, MPs are talking about a bottle deposit scheme and the ‘Latte Levy’. On January 11th, Teresa May set our her plans to get rid of all avoidable plastic within 25 years. But is this fast enough? I don’t believe so.

In addition, Britain has been shipping up to 500,000 tonnes of plastic for recycling in China every year, but as of this January this has been banned by the Chinese government. The result of this could be an end to collection of some plastic in the UK. Now what will we do with it all? There is talk of having to burn it which could drastically increase the risk of environmental pollution.

The answer is not recycling. It’s to reduce our use of plastic massively in the first place and I think we need much faster action on as many areas of plastic waste as possible. Single use plastics are the biggest problem and actually one that can most easily be dealt with if we start to change our habits and encourage manufacturers to do so with us.  Take your own shopping bags, bring your own coffee cup, say no to straws, mend and repair things rather than disposing of them and so on. But I also think we need to start changing our grocery shopping habits to look for ways we can reduce plastic waste in that too.

Keen to take my own action, I’ve launched Naked Larder. At Naked Larder we buy dry goods and eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk to minimise packaging and reduce cost. Our members collect their orders using their own reusable containers from our address in Herne Hill. All our products are sourced sustainably and ethically.

Visit our website for full details and get in touch if you'd like to join us, working to be plastic free and planet friendly.


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