Experience performing on a live music stage in private

JOM is offering youngsters the opportunity to experience performing on a sound stage in complete privacy or with just close family present – for free! If your child is musically minded or likes to put on a shows for the family from behind the sofa then this is a great next step. Acoustics are on a par with television shows like The Voice and X-Factor and the vibe is friendly.

On hand is a professional sound engineer, an array of vocal and instrumental microphones, a fully-mic’d up drum kit, a full size Roland keyboard, acoustic, electric and bass guitar amps, monitor speakers, main speakers and mixing desk! Afterwards, your child receives a certificate and a free drinks token.

JOM is at Off The Cuff Music Bar, Railton Rd (by Herne Hill Station) on Sunday 28th April 12.45pm-2pm. To book a private performance slot contact Andy Gray – andyg.coms@gmail.com.

Afterwards (from 2pm-4.30pm) there will be a free JOM Junior Open Mic session. These typically see 15-30 junior acts (ages 4-15), an enthusiastic family audience of 80-100 and a great atmosphere. Approximately half the performers have attended sessions for over 18 months with many using them as experience towards secondary school musical scholarships.  

JOM is a parent and community organisation that encourages young performers by making them feel as special as possible. If you would like further information contact Andy Gray.