The End of the Railroad: We need your opinions.

The terminating bay platforms at Blackfriars.

Some time ago, a Forum post (here & here) began collecting local views about proposed changes to our Thameslink train service. You've deemed it an important topic considering its had nearly 19,000 views, the most of any Forum post ever. The Department for Transport has asked for your opinion on the changes which include terminating our Wimbeldon/Sutton loop trains at Blackfriars. Upon implementation, you will no longer have direct service to all stations to Bedford including:

You have until 5pm on Friday 14th September 2012 to send your response. This date has been extended from the original date of 23rd August. If you value your train services, have your say.


Request from the Department for Transport

Consultation document



The Combined Franchise Replacement Sponser

Department for Transport

Zone 3/15

Great Minster House

33 Horseferry Road




Your responses can, of course, include any comments or requests connected with our train service such as; station improvement, carriage improvement, staffing, timetabling, noise, signage, disabled access, commercial lettings in the station and railway arches, Oyster tickets and gates, travelcards, ticket machines, online ticketing and smartphone information/ticketing as well as the proposed service changes. All your comments and requests will be taken into consideration when the Department for Transport produces the scope for the incoming new franchise.

There are three petitions and a Facebook group regarding terminating trains at Blackfriars. These could supplement your response. However, responding to the consultation should be your priority if you wish to have your say, elaborate your views and have any other matters taken into consideration.

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