Elephant & the Nun climax this weekend with 'Our Grand Saturday'

The Elephant & the Nun, Southwark's multidisciplinary and multicultural 10 day arts festival, hasn't been the easiest festie to track just because it has involved so many different arts producers (loads were originally invited to bid and quite a few selected) staging events over such a long stretch of time! The Arbonauts provided an unofficial warmup with their production in Nunhead Cemetery two weekends ago, and the official launch happened on the 11th at Illiffe Yard's The Electric Elephant cafe with Los Ninos Vallenatos. The whole thing now comes to a close this weekend, led by 'Our Grand Saturday' - represented by four unique events at Camberwell Green, St Mary's Churchyard, Peckham Square and Peckham Rye. Family-friendly fun stuff, and all free, btw.

1. Azucar Flower Festival, a wonderland of flowers, music and dance taking over St Mary's Churchyard with traditional Latin-American costumes, dance and authentic Latin-American food.

2. Combonation, a mash-up of music and dance at an exciting new event at Camberwell Green, which has been produced by a team of young producers from Southwark.

3. Peckham Peace Picnic, a celebration of summertime chilling and urban friendliness with live music and performance. Bring along your own picnic or grab a bite from one of our food stalls.

4. The Village Hall Experience, bringing stuff and nonsense all day long - with vegetable and pet competitions, a tea dance, ping pong, side show and variety performances.

Catch one, catch all! Find out more about "quirky" events on offer from The Londonist: http://londonist.com/2013/08/stuff-and-nonsense-from-the-elephant-and-the-nun.php ... get "behind the scenes" info from the festival's Wordpress site (http://elephantandnun.wordpress.com/) or head straight for Southwark Council's site where you can find out about other events this week, including Sunday the 18th: http://www.southwark.gov.uk/elephantandnun/